About Feline Meline

Julia is a true animal lover and has more than 20 years experience breeding cats. Our entire family has fallen in love with our 2 Tonkinese cats (Leila and Stella).

For several years Julia has bred this amazing mix of Tonkinese X Ragdoll kittens, and has placed them with countless happy homes. Their owners consistently tell us how amazing their cats grew up to be - each having beautiful personalities and lovely plush fur that is short (like a Tonkinese) but more thick and plush.

From the Tonkinese mum you will have a highly intelligent friend who will want your company all the time, and who is often a clown with their antics - very affectionate and loving, often chatty, and they will follow you from room to room.

And from the beautiful Ragdoll dad you mix in to that a laid back personality who is also affectionate, but isn't too fazed over much. Very tolerant of children and other animals.

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